a bad day

yesterday was a total disaster to me.
we went to ‘Algonquin Provincial Park’ yesterday and i am not satisfied at all,
its 4hours journey from our place so we had to start at 6:40AM and by the time we reached…i was tired sitting in card.
we have very high expectations before going but that place is not as good as we thought (or may be we didn’t cover)
and its too crowded, we wanted to stop at some places but we didn’t and wherever we want to take pics, we are not able to do so because of crowd, as i didn’t have enough sleep i was more and more tired with walking.

when everyone going to canoeing i decided to sit down but almost when everyone is returning. i just wanted to do it for few mins and while entering into canoe boat i slipped into water and my iPhone is all wet and not working 🙁
by the time we reached home…its 12:20 mid night.

one sad news is, our theme chandra was rejected by tf again.

one thing i learnt is…don’t plan too packed and don’t make long journeys unless you know very well about it.
nature seeing may not be as exciting as we see in professional pics.

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