woocommerce only selected state with a default state

For one client, they want to sell only Telangana state in India so we need to show only India in countries list and Telangana in states list. Since we can choose ‘selling locations’ from woocommerce settings, selecting only India was not a problem. now we need to show only Telangana in states list, for that, […]

wordpress wp_options size increasing dramatically?

Is your wordpress site becoming slow? wp_options table size is increasing dramatically day by day? did you install woocommerce? If you install woocommerce, then woocommerce creates session values in wp_options which will be deleted automatically in 12 hours but if wordpress cron is not working then your wp db size will increase like anything. there […]

show only one language translation using wordpress global translator plugin

Now a days you can see that almost all sites putting up translate to other language bars (probably country colors) but if you are developing your website for your country ( if your country first language is not english) then you don’t need to put all language images, because your visitors don’t need other languages […]