First impressions with fitbit flex

Well, I wanted to buy wearable technology for more than 6 months but after reading many reviews and all I decided to go with fitbit flex

Let me write cons first
no good manual
Even though box is big, they didn’t provide any manual with it so I had to spend more than 2 hrs to set it up
In between I even thought of returning it
But after I spend sometime ( restarting phone once) I was able to set it up

don’t know whether I’m in sleep mode or not
Again this is due to lack of manual
Later I found how to put it into sleep mode

lack of GPS capability
I use moves app to track my steps before and it shows steps along with locations I travelled to with nice UI

Where as fitbit flex only counts steps and doesn’t have gps capabilities

Now, let’s move to pros

Seriously very very lightweight

can carry easily
Problem with moves app is I need to carry phone with me all the time
Since flex is lightweight and can wear on wrist all the time, it counts each and every step

water proof
This is the main reason I opted for it over fitbit force and jawbone UP

sleep tracking
Even though I haven’t explored enough, I think this is a good option to track your sleep

decent app
Even though not very powerful it has all necessary elements and a great UI

I will update this post once I get some experience on it

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