Flood relief camp

Hi Friends,

As we know that the heavy  floods  in south india, has devastated thousands of houses, animals, crops for lacks of hectors and killed around 250 people in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

At least five million people are crammed in temporary government shelters. Relief officials used helicopters and boats to drop off rations and plastic sheets to hundreds of marooned villagers in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Now the flood victims were sheltered in over 1,200 temporary camps. Included about 2.5 million people from Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh who have lost their homes

The Loss is irreplaceable …..

Let us join our hands to gift a smile to the Shattered families. Let us show our humanity, love & compassion towards fellow citizens.

We may not give them a new house built
We may not bring their family back, whom so ever they lost in the flood waters.
We may not compensate their lacks of rupees, which they lost inform of crops.

But We can

Gift them one blanket to cover themself under the tree +
Provide them food to survive atleast for one day +
Gift them one soap to cleanse themselves +
Medicine (One Capsule ) to protect from Cholera , diarrhea (etc) +
Essential commodities to encourage them to start a new life.

one of my Friends, james is organizing a floor relief camp,
so if any of you interested in helping those victims,
please give me a reply.

your 1$ can give them food for an entire day

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