Josh Got 3000 sales!

Even though when started developing, my target was to complete with Metronic!, in my wildest dreams also i didn’t expect it will hit 3000 sales.

Even when it had hit 2000 sales….i thought it may reach a max of 3000 and would stop there.

Started as a humble product which took more than 6(!) months and aimed for themeforest, but after bunch of rejections ( this is how first submitted version looks like ) out of no choice….we had to move it to codecanyon.

luckily there was a section “skins” in codecanyon for which josh is suitable so i submitted there and accepted,
but i know the exposure and sales you get in Codecanyon->skins is not even 1% of what you would get in ThemeForest->Admin Templates, so i was thinking how to make money out of it and add some selling point to it.

When thinking back…there are some things which helped us.

1. Be innovative

Right from the beginning…i wanted josh to have something different,
So we have used

  • animated livicons (instead of static fontawesome)
  • added form builder, button builder etc
  • added cli (terminal based) CRUD builder
  • added GUI based CRUD builder

2. always hunt for opportunities to grow.

actually all the points I mentioned in #1 will be discussed here.

  • one day I was going through LivIcons then i thought using these will take our template to new heights so used them.
  • while searching for bootstrap plugins, in bootsnipp I come across form builder which we used
  • when i felt like, there are no more features to add-on my own and searching through github trending….i have seen cli terminals which excited me because you don’t need to build everything from scratch, so i started working on cli crud builder for josh, i guess this is the first breakthrough for josh which yielded many new sales.
  • cli crud is consuming most of my time and i am under impression…there should be better tool, i come across InfyOm’s GUI crud tool….oh my GOSH…you dont even need to touch terminal and with few clicks all your CRUD files are generated automagically… i wanted to fork some of other GUI crud tools but all are having bugs so wanted to use Infyom one but it too had bugs so we forked as local package and our team developed it very well now. (still improving)
  • I have contacted many blog authors, github repo owners to give link to Josh…some responded saying no, some didn’t answer, some said ok, some charges…so at the end, we got backlinks, exposure and sales

so all in all….whatever i read or see….i always think, how i can use this to grow my product or how this will be useful to us and where can i apply it

3. whatever you learn will come handy one way or other

When developing josh, we never thought we will make it a laravel admin template but since it was rejected in themeforest, i wanted to add something extra for it to get sales (selling point) and since i learned laravel already… just converted html to blade files and advertised it as laravel admin template.

then we had to add authentication, crud etc to it.

What’s Next…

Well, the first target is to reach 4000 (obviously) but in short span compared to time took between 2000 to 3000.

Now a days, i am always discussing with team about how to take it to next level.

so planning to add e-commerce section
another admin UI
another frontend template
menu manager
and many others.

but before hitting 4000, i want to see JOSH in next level to help devs save more time building applications.

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