my initial impression of publii

i am more and more interested towards using SSGs as they don’t use database and no security issue and they are super fast

and another thing is, i can configure them through gitlab CI for which i am a big fan and i love tinkering with gitlab ci all the time.

i am spending lot of time researching the best SSG to use (one of the ways i waste time)

what attracted me:
eventhough it doesn’t look like nice option as now a days,

i use more and more online apps than native apps

but it looks interesting to have a windows app to write journal, so i wanted to give a try


UI is clean and there are some free template
in-built SEO for every page
stats(which shows words, unique words, characters etc)
wordpress importer (which i didn’t try)

medium style inline editor

no category option
doesn’t support markdown

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