reality bites

I always used to think i like adventures and i am an adventurous guy but reality proved me wrong.


went for bungy jumping feeling excited and i didn’t scared even for a single moment, even when i saw it for first time i thought height is so less 😛 (150 ft) but when i am on launch pad….i just can’t make it.

i was confident and not scared but somehow my mind doesn’t allow me to do it.  (Everything happens twice: once in your mind, as what you think, and once in reality!)

I just can’t think of it in mind so can’t do it in reality, i was not ashamed but it shown me difference between on thinking and reality.


beside this, we went for camp file, staying in river side shelters, rafting.

enjoyed rafting a lot and had  swim in in river (with life jacket 😉 ), its a wonderful experience, i guess everyone must enjoy it to know the thrill.

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