We are Elite Author now

Hmm…. After tooooo much gap i am writing this….

i wanted to share too many things in between but i didn’t write them and now i forgot about them 🙁


but, I have 2 really good things to share.

1. We are elite

we have become elite on 6th March 2017 and we can’t be more happier than this.

When i started journey with envato, this is my second target with them (i will write about first below) and i was almost rolling on floor with joy when we achieved this.

i still remember that moment of achieving it and how i expressed my happiness to my wife.

2. We made it to themeforest top new authors

Wheni started my journey with Envato, my first goal is to submit an item to themeforest, infact all of ours products developed with plan of being accepted into themeforest but unfortunately it took us more than an year to achieve that.


but the greatest thing about it is…. we have become one of top new authors


finally i want to continue etching my writing skills by filling garbage into this blog 😉 so keep visiting 😛

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