I’m a free bird now

After 13 years of stint as a CEO, manager, proprietor, team leader, developer, solo developer, marketer, SEO guy and managing many other roles, i finally shut down my office.

I don’t have any baggage now (like paying rent, taking care of bills etc)

Earlier i used to think, Lorvent is my identity and without it, i can’t even imagine myself but now i feel very light weight, no baggage and no extra expenditure, infact i feel like my (new) life has begun.

i can look at many positive things like i can make networking with new people, hire people only WFH, meet new people, go wherever i want etc.

Am i closing office forever?

Not really, once pandemic is over, i may open office in new location but i will be very wise this time, i am not going to invest lot of money on furniture, i will prefer plug-n-play over others and i will make sure, if rent becomes a burden….i should be able to pull off everything in a single day.

i had toooooo much of waste, unwanted items at office and now my house is filled with all of them.

many things which i thought are important has become redundant and obsolete.

so next time, i will mostly opt for a co-working space initially and when i open a new office, i will make sure, i am not buying unwanted items and it is plug-n-play type.

Future plans?

first and foremost, i am sure i can’t run the show alone and i need people so mostly i will hire 1-2 people but i will do it carefully.

i will continue working on envato products

for a long time, i wanted to develop many products catering indian customers and now it is time to do that

will work on many youtube videos

many websites are pending, i will work on them.

i guess, now i can adhere to my schedule aswell.

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