specs are something i was very fond of … when i was a teenager so i can look more nerd or simply guy.

but then, i never thought about wearing them and then i come across people who wear them and you need constant attention…where to keep them etc…so i came to a stage i decided hopefully i shouldn’t wear them.

fast forward….i am getting pain, sometimes water from left eye when i use pc for longer hours without break…decided to consult doctor and i am not able to recognize one letter in last row so doc advised me to wear 0.5 specs and anti-glare specs…. when contacted shop guys they said…anti-glare are enough….i bought them long back but today for first time, i felt the need to wear them.

i can see the difference with eye problem but i feel my eyes are heavy (like carrying some weight on them).

doc also told me to do one exercise and have protein food and exercise, from that i understood that, having good lifestyle may improve my left eye tolerance….so looking forward to improve my lifestyle 😀

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