wordpress wp_options size increasing dramatically?

Is your wordpress site becoming slow?

wp_options table size is increasing dramatically day by day?

did you install woocommerce?

If you install woocommerce, then woocommerce creates session values in wp_options which will be deleted automatically in 12 hours but if wordpress cron is not working then your wp db size will increase like anything.

there are many ways to get rid of this problems


1. deleting entries with woocommerce built-in option

In your wordpress admin panel, go to woocommerce -> system status then click on “Tools”

there you can see “Customer sessions” , click that button and it will delete all woocommerce related sessions


2. inspect with a cron plugin

i use Crontrol plugin

install above plugin and go to tools – > Crontrol and if you see any cron jobs next date showing earlier dates, then it means those crons are not running

run them manually clicking “Run Now” beside each cron job


3. contact host

usually some hosts blocks wordpress cron jobs using firewall (mod_sec) in that case, contact your host and ask them to resolve it.


If the problem is still not solved, contact me through comments and i will help you out.

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